IndyCar – Sao Paulo Race Details

sao paulo trackWith just a scant 9 weeks remaining before the IndyCars make their first visit to Sao Paulo, the track layout has just broken into the news in Brazil. While I cannot understand Portuguese, driver Felipe Giaffone is seen in this video demonstrating a lap of Sao Paulo’s circuit layout.

With just 9 weeks to go, they better have a final layout agreed. Especially since much of the route that is demonstrated appears to be in a bad state of repair.

Reportedly, this circuit layout was distributed to the IndyCar teams last week for comment. Further, we would expect to hear final announcement of the track layout during this week’s annual league meeting.

Tony Cottman (IRL Vice President of Competition) was instrumental in determining this track layout. But in a twist, Tony has left the IRL to start his own company. Tony will continue to officiate the Indy Lights races as a private contractor, but his new companies primary role will be to develop race circuits. Reportedly, Tony’s new company will have somebody on the ground in Sao Paulo permanently until race day to oversee the circuit preparations.

Stay tuned to Open Paddock as more details of this track layout become known.

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