Episode 84 – Openpadock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and Mike as they hash out the week’s rally news! Thats not all of it though..we had an F1 race in Malaysia and another race in China! Shaun also recaps his visit Barber! Want a recap of the Barber race? We got that too with our opinion to spice it up! Sit back as always and enjoy the show!

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4 Thoughts to “Episode 84 – Openpadock.net Podcast

  1. Am I allowed to point out the irony of a podcast where it’s declared within the first 90 seconds that “we’re trying to keep the time limit down”, but then stretches to 3 hours and 23 minutes?

    Also: 3 hours and 23 minutes at 185 MB?!?!? How long do you guys think my commute is? How big do you think my iPod’s hard drive is?

    I kid. I’m digging into it now. Thanks for giving me something to listen to for the bulk of my workday today.

  2. Will need to check something. That is wrong timing. We were not on for that long I don’t believe. Mike may need to back me up. Will listen to the cast at lunch and find out where it is messed up. Should have only been just over an hour and a half. I jacked something up. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. err…so here is the deal. The time is a bit of a false advertisement. Show is not really that long and not sure why it is that size. Will pull down and make some changes to it. Also, the MRTI stuff is a little loud…so please turn it down a bit or be deaf. lol. After the show is over…it is just nothingness. Will load a smaller version at lunch

  4. I’m actually just finishing up the show now. The real part of the show is 1:44:33, then goes to silence until 3:15:57, with 7:00 minutes to go. At this point, the MRTI stuff repeats. This last 7 minutes contains the tail end of the podcast, about 60-70 seconds worth of stuff that got omitted from the first 1:44:33. The real run time, without the repeated MRTI stuff, should be about 1 hour and 46 minutes, give or take.

    Good show, by the way, technical difficulties notwithstanding. 🙂

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