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flavio-1It would appear as my cries for peace on the last podcast have fallen on deaf ears yet again. The FIA has officially announced they are going to move forward with their appeal against Flavio Briatore which would keep him out of the sport a bit longer.

As we remember the Tribunal de Grande Instance had ruled in favor of Flavio and Pat Symonds and called the punishment by the FiA “irregular”. Below is the FIA’s justification for the continued legal battle:

“The President of the FIA has consulted the FIA Senate and the FIA’s lawyers about the decision of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris of 5 January. It was unanimously agreed that an appeal would be prepared.

“In his election campaign last summer, FIA President Jean Todt and his team announced that new measures for constructive change, including a disciplinary procedure, would be introduced. Work on this is well advanced. Once in place, this will address the issues in the Court’s judgment. Nonetheless, an appeal is merited.”

One portion of the ban has been lifted however. The original decision indicated that the drivers whom were under the management of Briatore would be denied super licenses. That ban has been lifted and these drivers will now receive the license necessary to compete at the top level of motorsport.

My question is why? Why are we continuing the court room battles for something there is no proof of? Can the FIA not go like a year without a court battle? Maybe that is what it is, perhaps an appeal should be warranted in this situation. Yet, you have fought so many battles in the courts that we have a classic choose your battles situation. Because the FIA has filed suit against everything on the face of gods green earth, they have lost all credibility. I appeal to my rant on the show for the subject. We have a new president, new teams, new rules, and most importantly a fresh start to everything. Why do we continue to push this issue which has little evidence to support it? This is the problem with the FIA during the Max regime and will now seemingly be perpetuated during the Todt administration.

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2 Thoughts to “F1 – FIA Appeal Official

  1. The FIA should be careful on this. The last thing they want is to have to prove their allegations against Flavio in an actual court. If they drag this out too much, that could be exactly where this ends up.

    As for the Flavio being allowed to manage drivers again. No big shock there. The FIA would be hard pressed to defend the blackballing of Flavio’s management company if it came to trial.

  2. You are on a roll today…

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