Spike Day: Wag of the Finger, and Vegas predictions

Carpenter taking after practice. Photo via INDYCAR.com

So this week allow me to steal a bit from Stephen Colbert, Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger! First, Wag of the Finger to: Dollar General! So we got a great treat two weeks ago from Ed Carpenter, Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR) is for real. Then we got the worst news minutes later from owner Sarah Fisher, Dollar General is leaving to just focus on NASCAR. I can’t say I am shocked by this move, it has NOTHING to do with SFR. It has everything to do with the…

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IndyCar – Sarah Hands the Keys to Carpenter

In a move that many of us were sort of anticipating would happen for 2011, Sarah Fisher has announced her retirement as a driver and will focus her efforts on being a team owner. There was much speculation amongst us fans as to who would eventually be selected for the #67 seat, although we all knew it was NOT going to be Jay Howard. In a press conference held at the Sarah Fisher Racing shop, we find that Ed Carpenter will be racing in nine events in 2011 sporting the…

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