Spike Day: Wag of the Finger, and Vegas predictions

Carpenter taking after practice. Photo via INDYCAR.com

So this week allow me to steal a bit from Stephen Colbert, Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger!

First, Wag of the Finger to: Dollar General!

Carpenter taking after practice. Photo via INDYCAR.com

So we got a great treat two weeks ago from Ed Carpenter, Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR) is for real. Then we got the worst news minutes later from owner Sarah Fisher, Dollar General is leaving to just focus on NASCAR. I can’t say I am shocked by this move, it has NOTHING to do with SFR. It has everything to do with the fact they (Dollar General) did not promote IndyCar. Sure they gave money to SFR. Yet they did not sell the merchandise of that partnership in their stores.

Now I am not just talking about here in the Poconos, of course only NASCAR races here. (Although the “Busch Series” does not, so they are selling swag for a team locals will not see at Pocono). Yet in 2009 when I was in Richmond, just 10 minutes from the track—there was zero Sarah Fisher items at the Dollar General down the street from my room. Okay, SFR did not race there, although the series sure did then.

When I was in St. Petersburg, Florida it was just the “Busch Series” swag minutes from the street circuit. (Does NASCAR race in the streets of St. Pete later in the year, and I missed the memo?) I would get annoyed every time I was in a Dollar General and saw zero 67 team iteams. Often I would ask myself, “Why are they giving SFR money if they have no interest in promoting her?” I guess a few weeks ago, I got the answer.

I am glad Dollar General supplied the cash for Sarah Fisher to get the team started. Heck, they got great camera time in 2009 when Sarah was on The Price is Right on CBS to promote the 500. (Video from Price is Right) She wore her firesuit on the set. She was on the Today Show on NBC, and Good Morning America on ABC that month. Always showing Dollar General’s brand logo, giving them great PR.

What did Sarah get in return? A nice slap on the face! How classy. I have continued to go out of my way to buy from them when they supplied support to SFR & the sport. I will now stop this practice.

Open Rant to Dollar General

Go ahead, support that obnoxious jerk in Kyle Busch!!!

You won’t get my money any longer. I will go to the “Family Dollar” which is closer to my home. No longer will I waste my time going a few miles further and having to take an odd route to enter your store that is only accessible on the north bound side. You know why? Because I, unlike you will continue to support Sarah Fisher.

This is a pure insult to the core of fans that have made it a habit to thank you for supporting one of the most popular drivers of her generation. Normally I don’t condone slamming an exiting sponsor. I will credit you with giving early notice, that was far better than what 7-Eleven did with Kanaan. (However TK was better off in what followed).

Kyle Busch Motorsports will continue to get sponsored by Dollar General for 10 Truck Series races in 2012

I hope the sponsors that will stay, like Angie’s List continues to not only fund SFR, but promote it! You might be shocked at how many fans use you.

It is not a sponsor leaving that is the issue; as a matter of fact that is a non-issue. I understand deals end, plans change. That would be fine. It is leaving a world class ambassador, one of the most likeable people in racing—for Kyle Busch, maybe the most obnoxious racer of all time. That is why I and many other fans feel so insulted. It is like leaving a Queen for a crack head! Or in Kyle’s case, a blockhead.


Moving on to Sunday’s World Championships, Tip of the Hat to the IZOD IndyCar Series!


I must admit, I love how qualifying turned out. Seems TK will “start like a Brazillian” on the pole for Danica’s last race. *insert sarcastic sad face* Oriol Servia starting second just continues to feed me crow for calling his signing a “bad idea”. I will never hide from my poor predictions.

I was correct in how great Hinchcliffe would be to have, what an amazing season for him. I really think that Hinch is the future of the series. Not that J.R. Hildebrand was a bad driver this year either. Sure he struggled on the roads and streets for many weeks. (Then again so did Dan Wheldon when he was with Panther too). To be in the running late at the Indy 500, and still land on the podium after a wreck is impressive.

The race Sunday has more excitement that just Dario vs Power down to the wire, the Rookie of the Year race is one of the best in sometime. We will be treated to two championships on the line in Vegas. All this accomplished with no cockamamie “Chase” system. These races have been fueled by determined men & women—busting their behinds for six months. Only two drivers will walk away a Champion in their perspective races Sunday.

I think for Rookie of the Year, the title will travel north of the boarder to Hinchtown Canada. James Hinchcliffe will have a solid finish to the year. It will be the first of many victories for him in the IZOD IndyCar Series.

As for the World Championship, the new trophy (free of naked dudes) will go home to a land down under. Will Power always rebounds after a bad race. Long Beach was followed by a dominant performance. Toronto saw Will spank the field in Edmonton. He will repeat that at Las Vegas. It has been a nice run for Dario, but Will Power is just more hungry. It is what occurs from eating all those peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

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