IndyCar – Twin Turbo mandatory for 2014

INDYCAR announced today that all engines supplied to IZOD IndyCar Series teams will utilize only twin turbocharger systems beginning with the 2014 season.

The decision, which was confirmed after consultation in an INDYCAR Engine Committee meeting, will further strengthen engine parity. It also dovetails with the manufacturers’ first homologation update cycle for the 2.2-liter, direct-injected V6 engines supplied by Chevrolet and Honda.

“In an effort for parity throughout the turbocharger range, mandating only a twin turbo system simplifies our efforts to ensure even closer competition,” said Derrick Walker, president, competition and operations, INDYCAR. “Both manufacturers displayed a willingness to use a common turbo spec for 2014, so it made sense to mandate a twin turbocharger that maintains the performance we’ve come to expect while keeping the technology relevant to the automotive industry.”

Engine manufacturer competition returned to the IZOD IndyCar Series in 2012. Chevrolet re-entered the series with a twin-turbocharged engine through technical partner Ilmor Engineering. Honda, which was the sole engine supplier from 2006-2011, opted for a single turbocharger for the engine designed and built by Honda Performance Development.


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One Thought to “IndyCar – Twin Turbo mandatory for 2014

  1. [Tongue firmly planted in cheek]
    Indycar, in an effort to provide parity throughout the field has mandated a single engine for the 2014 season. Honda and Chevy will still be involved in the series, but will only provide stickers to go on the engine cowling. Parity shall also be insured through addition of ballast weight based on championship points standings. Mark Miles said, ” We don’t want to drive away manufacturer involvement by forcing them to develop engines, so we will have Roger Penske’s Ilmor Engineering provide all of our engines going forward. Now manufacturers just have to pay for commercials, activation and decals. Everybody wins!”
    [Tongue removed from cheek]

    Please tell me again why I pay so much money to have NBCSN on my dish…. I’m beginning to think the only reason is so I can watch F1…..

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