IndyCar – 16 May Live Blog Post CAO 15:48

Ok, so we are going to try this out. I am going to post all of today’s news in this story blog and just update the title to reflect the current as of time or CAO. So check back all day long for updates on Thursday practice. I will upload some photos as well using my hand dandy cell phone. All times are in the eastern timezone of course.

11:09 – Slow morning thus far. I finally got to the track and taken a seat on the 4th floor. Need to find a way to make this a reality for the rest of the trip! Still no real news from Dragon Racing as of yet. All of the doors and stuff are closed. Will be making pitstops by their garage often today. Apparently Katherine is set for ROP tomorrow morning. I think it is really interesting that usually at this time a host of drivers are trying to find a ride. This season there are some drivers looking for an engine. One of the harsh realities when you reintroduce engine competition. Well, off to patrol the track and catch more sun. Still no cars on track. Follow me on Twitter @Openpaddock or @Shaunpaddock for live updates in between posts.

13:05 – Warm outside this afternoon with a lot of track action. The practice session started at noon and a lot of cars hit the track for a shakedown run. The Andretti Autosport folks are running a lot of laps early on as is the Ganassi junior varsity squads. RHR is currently the fastest of the day at a 221.753. Marco is second and Charlie Kimball is third. Off track news has been updated as well since we last posted. It looks like Katherine Legge will take to the track for ROP tomorrow. Dragon was able to secure Chevrolet power for both cars. Bourdais is supposed to shakedown Katherine’s car as a refresher run for himself. Did see Pippa Mann wondering around the garage. Real bummer that she is not on track…but you never really know what could happen. It is Indianapolis after all. Will update around 15:00!

15:48 – Just about an hour late on this post, but not a whole lot has really changed in terms of speed. The top 3 have stayed the same. Jean Alesi came out for a few installation laps and clocked in at a 204.845. We are about to top 6,000 laps thus far in the month of May. 818 laps run up to this point with cars still on track. interesting as Rubens Barrichello and Jean Alesi were just running together on track. Will be brief with the post as like I said….not a whole lot happening.

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