Rally – Kimi DNFs Spain Before it Starts

Kimi Raikkonen has put on a rather embarrassing performance in Spain already. The Finn has crashed out of the rally during the shakedown stage and will not make the start for Day 1. Citroen explained that the roll cage had suffered terminal damage and would not be ready in time to start the event.

In my opinion this is yet another pathetic showing in a year that Kimi will want to forget period. Citroen have made it very clear they will not pay Kimi to drive and he needs sponsorship to continue. What possible reason would any sponsor want to sign with Raikkonen to stay in the Citroen organization? Finishing a rally is proving to be the ultimate obstacle, let alone finding a quick pace when he does finish. Granted a second year may be needed due to a lack of notes, but what if the Finn does this next year? Kimmi Raikkonen’s move to the WRC may put him in the company of Jaques Villeneuve before long. A former world champion who has slipped into obscurity and only makes announcements to bring attention to himself because he has nothing else. Could we see Kimi in the Nationwide Series? Forget that last part..cringe just thinking about it.

Kimi has also seemingly burned his only bridge left back into Formula 1 when he exploded on Eric Boullier and Renault for “using” his name to further themselves commercially. So he will more than likely be in rally next season but with whom? Monster would be a bad choice as I doubt either car would finish half of the races. Citroen will only let him run with them if he brings money and Mini is pretty content with their situation. Kimi’s stock is at an all time low with no signs of improvement.

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2 Thoughts to “Rally – Kimi DNFs Spain Before it Starts

  1. …wow. Guess he wanted to get straight to the results, eh? I figured this being a tarmac rally that he’d have done better, but to total the car during shakedown is just inexcusable. His best hope now is that MWRT lets him drive a Fiesta for free. No one is going to pay him, and he’s going to have a hard time finding a sponsor. …perhaps Stoli?

  2. I guess we should start talking about pizza at Union Jack’s now Shaun. I had higher hopes for Kimi….

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