IndyCar Garage Forum Update – 5/5/2011

Editor’s note: This is the first in a new series of articles from Tyler Charmichael, Owner and Moderator of the IndyCar Garage. He will be providing weekly updates for us on the latest topics being discussed at IndyCar Garage, OpenPaddock’s recommended fan interaction site.

IndyCar Garage Forum – A place for ALL opinions on INDYCAR

One of the unique features of (ICG) is the forum tab on the main page and the top discussion threads that are featured as soon as you pull up the site. In order to comment on the forum, you must be a registered member of ICG and have a member name. All you need for a membership on ICG is an email address.
Fans can start their own threads about INDYCAR topics and Tyler Carmichael, the moderator of ICG, will post the featured blogs as forum threads, allowing all members to comment and respond. When another fan responds to your thread or comments on your comment, you receive notification through email.

The forum is monitored frequently and is viewed as constructive place to voice all INDYCAR opinions.

INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard has been quoted multiple times throughout interviews by various news sources that he checks ICG as place to get fan input and see reaction on certain topics involving INDYCAR. Randy was also a featured guest on IndyCar Garage Weekly.

Among the many topics that are hot in discussion on IndyCar Garage’s forum, click below to read more:

  1. A possible Triple Crown of three 500 mile races is proposed by a member of ICG

    Gary Lee Cox, who is a rather new member to ICG, started this thread about conducting three 500 mile races, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Pocono Raceway, and his new designed yet uncreated Houston Semi-Hexagon Oval. The thread discusses the old Triple Crown races such as Michigan and Pocono, but also has many members wondering if the Triple Crown is even a possibility again. The discussion continues deep into passionate comments from members about driver ability, Texas Motor Speedway, and how to attract fans. This thread is easily one of the hottest topics on right now.

  2. The entire Month of May Schedule at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the Mecca of all of motorsport faculties, and every May INDYCAR’s race around the 2.5 mile rectangular oval in search of victory. 2011 marks the centennial celebration of IMS and several events are planned for a historic celebration. Many members of IndyCar Garage will be attendance throughout the month of May, including Tyler Carmichael of ICG and several members of the Open Paddock team of writers. Check out all the events and comment on anything related to the Month of May at IMS.

  3. A group of passionate INDYCAR fans have their own group on ICG , The PHOENIX INN, read their discussions:

    The PHOENIX INN is an extension of IndyCar Garage’s forum, and is a group started within ICG. The PHOENIX INN has been the location of several new members to ICG and lots of interesting conversation. Nothing is off limits at the PHOENIX INN, and most of the discussion is all constructive and revolves about thoughts and opinions on what the future could hold for INDYCAR. Join them today and see just what goes in around the PHOENIX INN.

  4. Why possibly delaying Aero Kits for the 2012 INDYCAR would be a bad idea

    Randy Bernard dropped the bombshell on INDYCAR Open Wheel Weekly during the shows debut on May 3rd that INDYCAR Team owners have voted to delay the implementation of Aero Kits for the 2012 INDYCAR Package. Open Paddock gives a great insight on to why the Aero Kit Delay could damage the sport beyond repair, but of course we want to hear your thoughts a swell.

  5. How good is Will Power? Just a Road Course Ace?

    Will Power had dominated the first four races of the 2011 IZODY IndyCar season, with two wins and four poles, Power holds the Championship lead by 14 points. Does Will power have what it takes to win on ovals? Can he hold Dario and the rest of the drivers fighting for the top spot? Let us know what you think of Will Power and his rise to dominance.

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