FAIL – Charlotte Gets That Sinking Feeling

Apparently the Charlotte Motor Speedway was built in part on top of a landfill! A LANDFILL!! Now, I’m no civil engineer but it seems to me that fill would not make for a suitable base for a permanent structure, and even less suitable for a roadbed that will have a varied and intensive dynamic load placed upon it. …well, it isn’t suitable. You can see more pictures from WSOC TV’s article, Sinkhole Forms at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Wow. How does this happen?

Now, even if the speedway does fix this problem, one has to wonder just when the next sinkhole will develop, and where. Can you imagine the chaos this would have created during a race weekend? Now imagine if it happened on race weekend underneath the track! File this under FAIL.

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4 Thoughts to “FAIL – Charlotte Gets That Sinking Feeling

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  2. Jim

    From what I read this was caused by a leaking pipe and the unstable landfill. Maybe this could be a way out for Korea. “Sorry bernie we just had a HUGE sinkhole form and uh sucked up the whole track”

  3. I’m sure Bernie would pull the line from House Rent Blues, “That don’t befront me, so long as I get my money next Friday.” At this point, I don’t think even an asteroid strike would give the Korean GP an acceptable excuse. They’re completely boned, and are going to get the CRAP sued out of them by just about everyone involved in the sport. Austin? Are you paying attention to this?

  4. Good thing the sinkhole didn’t suck up the construction underway for their new mega hd screen they are installing……

    168′ x 70’…. worlds largest HD screen….. swallowed by worlds largest landfill sinkhole

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