TV – Weekend Racing Schedule for Sept. 18, and 19

ALMS is still off until the Petit LeMans at the end of the month, and this is a travel weekend for Formula 1. The good news, however, is that MotoGP and the IZOD IndyCar Series are back on track. MotoGP is back in Spain at Motorland Aragon, and the IndyCars are off to Japan to compete on the asymmetric 1.5-mile oval at Motegi. The Continental Tire Sports Car Series will be on right before the IndyCar race, and on Friday, Speed is airing the Monterrey Motorsports Reunion which features a tribute to open-wheel legend Dan Gurney. On Sunday, the Australian V8 Supercars make a return to the airwaves here in the states with their race at Phillip Island.

Of special note this weekend, Spike Rogan will be hosting a SkypeUp for the IndyCar race this weekend. If its a success, it may become a regular feature of every IndyCar race weekend. Add “IndyCar SkypeUp” as a contact and join us at 2300 EDT on Saturday night. If you have questions about the SkypeUp, send a message on twitter to Spike (@spikerogan).


Time Network Event
2000-2100 Speed Monterrey Motorsports Reunion – Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


Time Network Event
2100-2300 Speed Continental Tire Sports Car Series – Miller Motorsports Park
2300-0200 Versus IZOD IndyCar Series Race – Twin Ring Motegi


Time Network Event
0900-1000 Speed MotoGP – Motorland Aragon
1500-1700 Speed Australian V8 Supercars – Phillip Island
1700-1800 Speed Moto2 – Motorland Aragon

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2 Thoughts to “TV – Weekend Racing Schedule for Sept. 18, and 19

  1. ATB73

    I doubt anybody here watched CUP qualifying on Friday. It was mentioned that Tim Cindric said that Hornish didn’t have any sponsorship in 2011 for his #77 Dodge and that he was free to look for a new ride. Cindric said he would likely be back on the IndyCar side of the Penske program! WOW, see ya later Briscoe!

  2. You’re right. I didn’t watch the Sprint Cup quals. I did hear the news/speculation about Hornish and his 2011 situation. Briscoe had to be uncomfortable in his IndyCar seat anyway. This just adds to the pressure. There is SOME hope, though. Penske is one of the organizations that may field a all-but-in-name factory Audi effort in 2011 ALMS. That would be a perfect ride for Briscoe. He was pretty darned speedy in that Porsche RS Spyder.

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