Episode 56 – Openpaddock.net Podcast

Join Mike and I this week as we spice things up with a new show format. We cover Rally Japan as well as the Monza race for the F1 circus. We get into the WMSC’s decisions on all things F1 and WRC. We also give a mini silly season preview for IndyCar and talk some of the schedule changes. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy a night at the races!

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2 Thoughts to “Episode 56 – Openpaddock.net Podcast

  1. A clarification of the SkypeUp. Its not necessarily a giant conference call with a few dozen people all trying to talk at once. Think of it more as a universal chatroom. F1Weekly has a similar Skype-based chat for the F1 events. It works out really well, and I’m looking forward to Spike’s IndyCar SkypeUp this weekend.

  2. Thanks for the clear up there Doug! I for one will be there and recommend it to anybody up for the race!

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