OpenPaddock Joins Forces with the IndyCar Garage

As some of you have pointed out to us, we don’t have a forum any longer. As you further pointed out to us, you want us to have one! Instead of us trying to reinvent the wheel, we’ve joined forces with one of the more innovative IndyCar fan sites on the web, the IndyCar Garage. We have always claimed and have striven to be “Motorsports commentary for the fans, by the fans” and I believe we have succeeded in that, and our new partnership with the IndyCar Garage will only help us continue our fan-based focus for OpenPaddock.

The IndyCar Garage is more than a forum, its a fan interaction site where you can share your photos and videos, create and join interest groups such as my Shutterbug Group, and have your own page where you can write your own articles and commentary to share with the community. Tyler Carmichael of the IndyCar Garage also hosts a weekly BlogTalk Radio show every Wednesday night has had many notable guests on his show such as andy Bernard, John Andretti, Lindy Thackston, Doug Boles, Bryan Clauson and Zach Veach.

This partnership will certainly run both directions. Tyler and I will be writing articles for each other throughout the season, so keep an eye here on OpenPaddock for Tyler’s IndyCar articles and I’ll be writing a Mazda Road to Indy article for the Garage from time to time. We’re very excited for this new partnership, and we think you’ll like the Garage as well. 800 people already do, and all you need to sign up is an email address.

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  1. If you are not at IndyCar garage, your wrong. This place is amazing for fans of the series! Interest groups plus your own articles? Very cool idea and very innovative!

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