Le Mans – Kolles to Contest International Cup

225px-Colin_Kolles_2009_1000km_of_OkayamaOur Force India friend Collin Kolles will contest the International Cup in 2010 with two Audi R10s. This is the second entrant into the new championship, and the second squad of Audis.

Audi Sport and now Kolles Audi make up the lineup as of now. The ACO made special breaks to allow the R10 to compete, however the new R15 must conform to new regulations if it hopes to run in ACO sanctioned races. This will see at least two more LMP cars at the Petit Le Mans as the ACO tries to strengthen all of their prototype classes across the globe.

Kolles team finished 7th and 10th in the European Le Mans Series and believes that the expirienced gained last year will make them a threat in 2010. The team had one car finish 7th in the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans and another car take a podium finish in Okayama for the Asian Le Mans Series championship. The team are currently searching for a 2010 Le Mans 24 Hour slot, and drivers to contest.

While the LMP series is looking rough across the globe, it is a positive step with introducing the International Cup in an attempt to up car count and competition in all three of the series. The ACO needs to hurry with its regulations, they have already lost Audi at Sebring because of them. Good luck to Mr. Kolles and lets hope he finds more sucess than he did in the F1 realm.

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