Le Mans – de Ferran ALMS Program Dead?

gil-deferrande Ferran Motorsport may have moved yet another step closer to killing their sportscar program this week when Honda Performance Development stated they will be ending their partnership with the team.

The crew here at openpaddock.net have really began to speculate on whether or not a de Ferran entry would be present on the 2010 grid, and this news seems to all but confirm the end for the program. HPD claimed the partnership had to end due to economical problems. HPD had also just recently signed with Patron Highcroft, which did not help de Ferran’s case.

de Ferran announced last year that he would expand his current motorsport operation into the IZOD IndyCar Series. At the time, the Brazilian assured the media that he was going to try and run both series. That news began to come apart as de Ferran had been relativly quiet on both sides of the spectrum. News had even surfaced that his whole operation was going to shut down. de Ferran has stated they are still committed to the IndyCar project, yet one would think he would say something in regards to the future of the sportscar branch. I will leave the rest for your thoughts and opinions. Are we only going to see an IndyCar team or is there even the chance we see no cars at all?

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