F1 – Eccelstone Doubts USF1

usf1-logoIt has been known for what seems like eternity that Bernie Ecclestone is a very outspoken man. One to never let an opportunity in front of a microphone go, Bernie has now heaped scorn at the Peter Windsor/Ken Anderson USF1 entry claiming that he does not believe the team will be ready for 2010.

The new Charlotte based team has worked methodically and round the clock to ensure their entry would hit the grid by 2010 and have done it all right in my opinion. They have their own chassis and have opted for the Cosworth engine package that was presented to new teams as a cost effective option. Ken Anderson has even recently come out and said that the car could be rolling in a month’s time. So my question for Mr. Ecclestone is where is he getting his information? Funding should not be an issue after securing funding from the founder of YouTube, the car is nearly complete; all that is left really is to get it on track and find drivers to pilot it. So to state you do not think the team will be present shows how clueless Bernie truly is on matters within his own sport. Everything that comes out of Bernie Ecclestone’s mouth should be taken with a grain of salt. This is especially true about all things in regards to the US. Bernie has had nothing nice to say about the US since Tony George told him to take a hike after trying to charge IMS 30 million dollars to host a race that would not even make half that.

I not only will be rooting for USF1 next year when they take to the grid, but I also will watch with great amusement as Bernie and the rest of the FIA and Formula 1 circus continue to discredit themselves and the sport they claim to love and represent.

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4 Thoughts to “F1 – Eccelstone Doubts USF1

  1. ATB73

    the guy is a complete knob. They need to split away from that fascist regime.

  2. I agree, ATB. F1 needs to lose Bernie. We get to say goodbye to Max next month, so that’s a plus, but I’d love to say goodbye to both he and Eccelstone.

  3. ATB73

    Hopefully, Barnyards days are numbered as well.

  4. Maybe CVC is coming around to our way of thinking, with the comments that one of the board members made about Bernie being out of touch.

    CVC does not want to gain the reputation that they support extortion rackets, cheating scandals, woman #5 and hitler.

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