Rally – Solberg Signs with Citroen Junior

2008 Citroen C4
2008 Citroen C4
The final round of the WRC has taken a turn as it was recently announced that Petter Solberg will race for the Citroen Junior squad in Great Britain. This move by Citroen could have a serious impact on the championship and something that will surly put Ford on the defense.

While Solberg will be racing a C4 that he has leased in Spain with his own team colors, he has reached an agreement with the French squad for Rally GB that will see him fighting for victory in the season finale. This will give Citroen a far better supporting cast than the Stobart Ford supporting Mikko Hirvonen and the BP Ultimate team. Sebastian Ogier has been running brilliant rallies the last few rounds and has really shown great pace. Solberg has been using a Citroen Xsara for the most part this season and has had impressive finishes in the dated equipment.

Solberg also insists that the decision to run in the Junior C4 is no indication of what his plans are for next year. The Norwegian is still entertaining offers from both Citroen and Ford and has not completely ruled out a factory deal with a new manufacturer. Solberg had been previously linked with Fiat who may make an entry into the WRC in the very near future. While it may be too early to make a decision about next year, this has to worry Mikko Hirvonen slightly if the battle makes it to Great Britain. Somebody get Malcolm Wilson a TUMS.

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