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ACP_165_090606_11_36With the national championship already won by Travis Pastrana, the Rally America series went to Colorado to put on a show for the fans. Colorado is typically home of the world famous Pikes Peak hill climb, but the folks in the Rockies sure appreciate their rally racing whenever they can get it.

Ken Block would enter the rally but drive for Dave Mirra who was away for the weekend. Block’s open class car had not recovered from damage suffered in the previous round, so the Monster Energy Drink star would drive the super production car which he described as “under powered”.

In the end it would be Canada’s own Andrew Comrie-Picard “ACP” that would take the victory in his NOS Energy Drink Mitsubishi. ACP had went back and forth with Travis during the opening stages until the Subaru driver hit a chicane and incurred massive penalties as well as a nice bit of damage. He was pulled from the event during day 2 to conserve the car. Clearly a sign that the Subaru North American Team may be in a bit of financial trouble; given Block and Pastrana’s situation this weekend. It was then up to ACP to coast to victory in Colorado, which the Canadian driver described as harder than going all out against Pastrana. Andi Muncin would take the runner up spot after an intense battle with Ken Block (that guy in the under powered super production) until Ken fell out of the event with an engine failure. Block made a very impressive run in the Subaru but suffered after hitting the same chicane on the last stage of day one and taking a one minute penalty. Block’s engine failure would make it a toss up between Mark Fox and Nathan Conley. Nathan would win the tie breaker between the two due to stage wins. Rally America reverts to stage wins in the event of a tie in rally time.

Yet another event down and one to go for the 2009 campaign. The finale will be the very difficult Lake Superior Performance Rally, held during the weekend of October 16 – 17, in Houghton, MI.

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  1. If Subaru NA is having financial issues, then they have the WRONG two drivers! Both Ken and Travis are hard on equipment.

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