ALMS – Corvette Denied Direct Injection

Another great run for the Corvette team
Another great run for the Corvette team
In a rather surprising and disappointing fashion, the new GT2 Corvettes will not be running the same engine they used at Mid-Ohio, Road America, and Mosport. The Porsche and Ferrari teams have successfully argued to the ACO that the Corvette’s direct-injection engine gave them an unfair advantage and it should be prohibited. In spite of having a written statement from the ACO proclaiming the 6.0L DI power-plant to be permissible, the new GT2 ‘Vettes will have to run the Petit LeMans sans DI. This won’t likely affect their power output or their on-track performance, but it will affect their fuel consumption rate. This may be exactly what the Porsche and Ferrari teams have in mind. The Corvettes have busted onto the GT2 scene showing pace from their very first outing at Mid-Ohio. They’ve been getting better and better with each successive race, and the two European marques may be trying to force the Corvettes into needing one more stop for fuel than they do. If the ‘Vettes need an additional pit stop, that may be all the edge that the Porsche or the Ferrari needs to gain the lead late in the race. Its all a bit messy, but where would racing be without the politics?

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2 Thoughts to “ALMS – Corvette Denied Direct Injection

  1. lol…priceless Doug. Looks like the Red car rule works even in ALMS. No wonder you beat me to the predictions. You were using direct injection when you and the ACO should not have been….interesting.

  2. After watching the Mosport race (Petit red flag) I would challenge the ACO and ALMS to strip Corvette of the victory of a couple weeks ago. Granted I am strongly opposed to the changing of the results after the race has finished, however, I would challenge the ACO and ALMS to review the impact direct injection had on that victory. I could be wrong and it could be next to none, but if a car is operating outside the rules…or gaining an unfair advantage, then we need to review the results.

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