Rally – Stop Crying

wrc1As was predicted on the show this week, we have protestors who are plaguing Rally Australia over the environmental “damage” the race causes. This dates back to the court ruling last week when a judge in Australia denied an injunction on the event because of the damage it would cause to the ecological grounds.

SS6 Was cancelled when protestors threw rocks onto the car path. Australian authorities have stated they will find those responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. The stage is set to be run again later today as part of the SS11. There was plenty of information available that indicated this particular area would pose a security issue prior to the event. With rally racing being spread out and not confined to a circuit usually, so it is nearly impossible to line the whole route with security.

I will say this and I may lose some respect points but here it is anyways. These views do not represent open paddock’s views but are those of the author. It is one thing to demonstrate by standing with signs and yelling at the cars and teams or even filing a court case, you reach a whole new level when you try to damage equipment and drivers. I don’t give two bits about your ecology zone and if I was in control of the security forces I would have every protester caught throwing rocks beaten into a pulp. You have the right to protest and that is your right, but when you attempt to sabotage an event and cause bodily harm by causing accidents; that crosses the line for me. I would not only beat them and escort them off the grounds but prosecute them for attempted manslaughter. We are going to drive there whether you like it or not so stop crying and get the hell out of the way.

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4 Thoughts to “Rally – Stop Crying

  1. I would say that Doug and I are probably in complete agreement with you Shaun. Rocks thrown on the track, fencing pulled onto the track, violent protesters….. The hemp and patchouli crowd have outdone themselves.

    But this has the potential of endangering the lives of the drivers,spectators and track workers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the remainder of the entire event canceled by WRC and the FIA.

    Meanwhile, let the beatings commence.

  2. tab

    As usual, extremist protestors are doing more harm than good. This doesn’t really help their cause. IMO, they should have been given citations.

  3. Quite so, Mike. This is absolutely detestable. I have no problem with this group’s initial methods for objecting to the Rally. I think they are being a bit silly, but they followed the proper legal channels for their grievance. When you take actions that threaten the lives of the participants and spectators, then I’m with Shaun 100%. That’s attempted murder.

  4. Did tab just say extremists…..i know how to deal with them 🙂

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