Indy Hump Day Report, On the bubble: Final Exams

A few quick happy words

This week is finals week for myself, and with that I have little time to write a column. So the December 15th edition of the Indy Hump Day Report will be brief. But just be warned I will have plenty of time over the next four weeks to write so expect some more in depth columns.

First I am so happy that JR Hildebrand will be in the IZOD INDYCAR Series where he belongs. Not just because he was a great asset to the Indy Lights series (although it helps), but because as a US Tax Payer I want my tax dollars to pay for an AMERICAN CITIZEN to have a good job. No offense to Dan Wheldon (whom I have several hats, shirts, and stickers of his from his time at Panther) or to any Brits in general. But it was insane, like “Crazy Eddies INSANE!” that a No-American was paid $3 million to advertise for the Department of Defense. (While myself a natural born Citizen made just $14 an hour for the Department of Commerce.)

So for that alone I am VERY glad to see JR get the seat.

But it also helps this kid is a CLASS ACT!!! I posted a comment on Twitter saying how glad I am he got the seat. Go figure I get a thank you tweet later! (I will over look the trash talking you a Giants fan did about my Phillies a few hours later! *wink,wink*) Hey kid I love that you are in “the show” of Open Wheel racing! Make us Americans proud!

Early list for the month of May

So I was once a crew member in the ARCA Series. (In the good old days when it was not known as the ONLY Stock Car series where Danica got a Top-10.)

We would have a race day check list of everything to prep and have ready for the race. My job in the morning was to set up our pits for the race, since unlike INDYCAR racing we could not have a pit until the day of.

So I decided to start a “Checklist” of things to bring on my road trip to Indy for the month of May. Also I will make another list of things to do while in Indy. So this week is the first part in an ongoing list.

Items to pack:

  • Every automotive tool I own except my floor jack (since it is too big if I want to fit anything else in the car.)
  • Two weeks worth of clothes (three pairs of underwear, two shirts, and one pair of pants)
  • jar of Moonshine (aka “Corn whiskey”)
  • Bottle of Sake
  • several cases of Yuengling beer to show mid-westerners what “REAL BEER” is.
  • List of people to call if I get too drunk
  • List of people to not call if I get drunk (make sure lists are on similar paper to avoid looking different.)
  • Sleeping bag to use in car after Motel tosses me for being “ Charlie Sheen like”.
  • Whoopee cushions to put on Robin Miller’s seat in the Media Center
  • Tips to give Marty Reid for use during ABC broadcast
  • List of lists

What did I miss? Please e-mail me, Tweet me @SpikeRogan, or comment below on things I need to add to my list.

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3 Thoughts to “Indy Hump Day Report, On the bubble: Final Exams

  1. Alan Turner


    Interesting choice regarding the Yuengling. Interesting that you find midwesterners unfamiliar with Yuenglings. Having come from the midwest I was already familiar with Yuengling when I landed here in Tampa where Yuengling is brewed in an old Strohs brewery. I’m constantly correcting people who think that it’s a “local” brew and that Tampa is where it started. Of course allot of these people were in 5th grade when the facility here was still a Strohs brewery so I guess their ignorance can be forgiven. After having spent a year in Canada (on business not on the run!!) My tastes changed and now I find Yuengling one of the few south of the border brews I actually enjoy.

  2. Yuengling I’m sure is a fine brew, but as for me, I’ll stick with Boulevard Brewery, the largest domestically owned brewery in Missouri. (Take THAT Anheuser-Busch/INBEV!)

    I actually have a hook-up on the moonshine. I’ll see what I can do. (did I mention I live in Missouri?)

    In regards to the whoopie cushion under RM’s seat, would anyone really notice anything different?

  3. indyram500

    condoms Spike don’t forget those….the hoosier girls get rather wild during the month of may!!!!

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