Episode 191 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

New OPKevin, Mike, Mike, and Doug review IndyCar’s double-header at Detroit and admit surprise that it didn’t suck. We also offer opinion on the technical plan Walker has for IndyCar, and we discuss the news from Formula 1. Mike Shaw recaps the STPR Rally and the Acropolis Rally, and we collectively fire Shaun for being back in the States and not joining us on the show.

A reminder from last week’s show that the Kansas City Region SCCA will be hosting it’s Solo School this Saturday, June 8th, at the Metropolitan Community College Precision Driving Center. It’s a great opportunity to really push your car to the limit of it’s potential and receive one-on-one expert instruction from some of the regions best drivers. For $70, you get the Saturday Solo School and an entry into Sunday’s Solo Event #6. That’s a heck of a lot of seat-time for the money! Sign up at MotorsportReg.com, and join the discussion on the MoKanMotorsports forum.

Show Notes: OP #191 – Monday, June 3rd, 2013


  • IndyCar – 2 more losses for the red cars at Detroit
  • F1 – Pirelli under fire
  • Rally – STPR & Acropolis


  • JR out, Briscoe in at Panther
  • Detroit
    • Franchitti takes pole for race 1
    • Conway wins first race at Detroit
    • Results
    • Conway takes pole for race 2
    • Pagenaud wins second race at Detroit
    • Results – Standings
  • What was up with ‘dinger?
  • Better racing…. or still more of the same?
  • Was 2 races better than one at Detroit?
  • How was the ABC coverage? (awesome heli action)
  • Ratings in for Indy
  • Walker unveils IndyCar’s long term technical development plan

Formula 1

  • Pirelli responds to their critics regarding the Mercedes tire testing
    • Tempest in a teacup?
    • Has the FIA just inflamed the situation?
    • If you were Pirelli, would you come back next year?
  • NBC gets good ratings for Monaco
  • Williams confirms Merc engine deal
  • Alexander Rossi is busy!


  • Acropolis
    • Latvalla wins
    • Dramatic First stage – Ogier first out, Hirvonen loses steering, and Ostberg gets a puncture near beginning and has to stop and change it losing 3 minutes. Fastest was Novikov.
    • Results – Standings
    • What’s up with the Citroen protest?
  • STPR
    • Block wins
    • Higgins breaks steering arm on SS3
    • Rifat Sungkar gearbox issues on SS1
    • Adam Yeoman – FY Racing was 2nd overall until gearbox went on Day 2
    • Sterckx had no real competition. Damage sustained at Oregon Trail by Lauchlin O’Sullivan and Evan Cline was such that they weren’t repaired in time for STPR.
    • ACP rolls his Scion during test before event. Otherwise made significant suspension changes to improve speed, but had bad gearbox.
    • Results – Standings

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  1. steve

    Hey guys, I’m from Detroit, and I appreciate all the great things you said about the island. It’s not as nice as you say, but it is improving every year, and it was good to hear you guys talk positive about it. The racing and hospitality at the place ruled!!!

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