Kubica is Mad…Again

kubica_2009_malaysian_gp_1After this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Robert Kubica is mad yet again at the team and their current development path. BMW finished worse of all the teams and finished last on track with Nakajima’s Williams behind them only due to mechanical failure. As we take a trip down memory lane we remember that last year Bobby K was spouting the same kind of rhetoric at his current employer. BMW stopped a potential title winning car and driver development to focus on the 2009 season, which up to this point has been a complete failure of a campaign. It has been so bad that BMW has stated that they are still committed to F1…for now.

Kubica has a good reason to be upset. He has seemingly went from hero to zero in seven months. For once Niki Lauda put it best when he referred to the BMW as “shit”. Thus far the BMW seems to be getting slower and slower with it finally hitting rock bottom this weekend. This cannot be at all what Dr. Thiessen was hoping for when he mapped out his “plan” for the future. Kubica has made it public that he is unhappy and one has to wonder how much longer this relationship will last. The only problem with the prospect of Kubica leaving BMW is his future. The Polish driver is fast when given a good car. However, he has no setup ability to brag about, he is a PR nightmare when things are going bad, and he is just not a very marketable chap. So it really boils down to a love/hate relationship that will make the 2010 silly season no disappointment.

There is news however from Bavaria that would indicate that a major set of upgrades are going to be installed on the BMW for Barcelona in a fortnights time. While this will more than likely not put the German team ahead of Brawn or RBR, it has to make Robert happy because it really can’t get much worse than what it is now. Unfortunately, I am afraid that BMW took a large gamble with the KERS project and lost out big time. The amount of resources put into that system for the little impact it has had, has really put BMW behind in other areas. Considering the team is not even using the system, one must wonder how much longer the White Knights of Bavaria will finish at the back of the grid? And if they cannot put results together, what is to become of our beloved Polish friend Kubica? I guess only time will tell.

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