RallyCast Episode 96 – Sno*Drift 2021 Part 2 – The Young Guns

In this episode we chatted with three of the youngest talents that competed at SnoDrift and all of them had podium results. Cian McCormack comes from a family with a strong rallying history and SnoDrift was his first national event. The youngest of the three at 17, Patrick Gruszka is the son of well known privateer Art Gruszka and is beginning to blaze his own path. We also had Patrick’s co-driver Alison LaRoza to get her perspective on working with someone so new to the sport. And finally Andre D’orazio who first caught our attention last season doing amazing times when driving a Fiesta R1 and now in the higher performance Fiesta R2 is beginning to show national championship contending performance.

Photo by David Cosseboom of iHeartFast

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