RallyCast Episode 95 – SnoDrift 2021 Part 1 “Winners and Binners”

Okay, maybe Winners and Binners is a bit harsh, but indeed that’s what happened with the guests in part 1 of our Sno*Drift rally review.  The father daughter team of Stephen and Katie Gingras have shown impressive performance at other events, but unfortunately the icy conditions caught out the #12 NA4WD Subaru.  If it was slick for 4WD machinery, just imagine what it was like for a RWD Subaru BRZ!  And that’s exactly what our next guest Santiago Iglasias of Escudería Boricua Rally drove to a class win in Regional L2WD.  Also at the top of their class was National NA4WD class winner Mark Piatkowski who said that the ice in Michigan is chemically different than anywhere else.  Adding to the winners circle of this episode is the energetic Fabrizio Mirandola, driver of the fabulous Fiat 500 Abarth that claimed the regional O2WD class win.  The car may be small, but it’s quick, so quick it even claimed an overall class stage win vs. the nationals!  We round out the episode with Ryan Booth’s Sno*Drift experience that started out great in a solid 4th overall and leading the class of high performance R5 machinery, but then it all went wrong on the first stage in the second loop. 

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