RallyCast Episode 83 – Chris Greenhouse

In this episode of the RallyCast presented by Oz Rally Pro we welcome back Chris Greenhouse. Although not seen as frequently on the American rally scene of late, Chris is one of the fastest 2wd competitors out there. We talked about social distanced rallying, his overall win at Central UP, and how he’s looking forward to the depth of competition at the upcoming Southern Ohio Forests Rally. We even helped plant the seed of a potential run at the ARA Open 2WD championship. Grab a cold one and  enjoy a chat with us at the virtual rally pub we call the RallyCast.



Official Press Release from Central UP:

Greenhouse tops field at Central UP Rally

Powers, MI, USA

Chris Greenhouse and Ryan Scott took their Dodge Neon SRT4 to the overall win at their first attempt at Central UP Rally. Heavy rain created treacherous road conditions, but the team was undeterred and took the win not only against the 2-wheel-drive cars, but also against all of the much higher spec all-wheel-drive cars. For Chris, this was his second 2WD victory this season, but also his first ever overall win. Chris has competed exclusively in the 2WD class and scoring an overall victory in a 2WD car is a feat that’s almost unheard-of in modern rally.

“Conditions were not favorable at all,” said Chris after the event. “Friday was absolutely gorgeous with clear, blue skies, but then the rain started and left a lot of mud and standing water on the stages, which do not drain well. We had to carefully choose our spots to push hard and our spots to be conservative. We had a few mistakes, including one on the last stage where we nearly rolled the car about 11 miles from the end of the event. Luckily for us, we escaped without damage.”

Ryan Scott was the recipient of the Diane Sargent Memorial Award, which was given to the fastest 2WD co-driver of the event. “I am honored to have been presented the Diane Sargent Memorial Award. Though, I was not fortunate enough to have met her, everything I have learned about her proves she was not afraid of a challenge and that she embodied the ‘press on regardless’ spirit we should all diligently work to cultivate in our own lives”

The team would like to thank the organizing committee and volunteers who created new procedures to conduct the event under COVID-19 safety protocols.

Chris and Ryan are now busy preparing for Southern Ohio Forest Rally next month, where they hope to extend their class winning streak to 3-in-a-row.

Chris would like to thank the following:

Adam Brock of 9HIO Motorsports
David Morrisette of Platto Motorports
Angry Sheep Motorsports
Paul Eddleston of Team Illuminata Motorsports

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