SCCA – The Kansas City Region Car Show

Ok, this was really a more of a meet-n-greet than anything, but it was still cool. The Kansas City Region of the SCCA meets monthly at the American Legion in Overland Park, KS, and many at the Legion have been asking to see the cars that we race. Joe Tasler, Regional Executive for the region, arranged for several of the members to bring out their cars fully decked out in numbers, class letters, and sponsor/supporter decals. My little SVTF was out there sandwiched between a couple of beasts, but it was fun nonetheless. There was a good turnout and variety of cars, from my little hot hatch, to a beautiful old Corvair, to two fully raceprepped cars, and everything in between. It was a nice little event and appreciated by the regular Legion patrons. Hopefully, we’ll see more outreach events like this in the future.

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