RallyCast Episode 74 – Dan Downey of Downey Dirty Racing

In this episode Mike and Ian had Dan Downey of Downey Dirty Racing join them at the#RallyCast virtual rally pub. Many of you may remember Dan from the pictures of his BMW e30 that flew through the New England Forest Rally’s Concord Pond stage with a Domino’s Pizza delivery sign strapped to the top. We chat about that, why he chose to go “rad wheel drive”, how his first stage rally event  got a little hot, and what it’s like being an instructor at Team O’Neil Rally School. As always we encourage you to join the conversation. Please leave us a comment or ask a question. Also we would really appreciate it if you’d give us a rating in iTunes, Podbean, or wherever you get your podcasts as it really improves our ranking so others can find us.


You can follow Downey Dirty Racing and all their e30 goodness at the following social media links:


Instagram: @downeydirtyracing

Facebook : DowneyDirtyRacing

YouTube: Downey Dirty Racing

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