RallyCast Episode 73 – Rally 2020 with Mike and Ian Followed by an Interview with ARA’s Jeremy Meyer

In this episode we discuss several topics, including expanding Open Paddock’s media presence, our thoughts on Colin Clark and Dirtfish joining forces, and other bits of rally news. Then at about the 1hr mark we have an interview we did a couple weeks ago with American Rally Associations head of marketing Jeremy Meyer about the 2020 season. So grab a cold one from the fridge and join us at the virtual rally pub we call the RallyCast podcast. As always, thanks for the downloads!



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2 Thoughts to “RallyCast Episode 73 – Rally 2020 with Mike and Ian Followed by an Interview with ARA’s Jeremy Meyer

  1. Brett

    Can you please explain all the drama about no snow at Rally Sweden? If they were so concerned about the roads why couldn’t they amend the rules to let them run on non-studded tires instead of shortening the route?

    1. Hey Brett! Thanks for the comment, and sorry for just now getting around to it. It appears the auto-notification feature isn’t working like it used to. Anyway, the way I hear it, it’s mainly because of the cost of road repairs, regardless of studs or not. When Sweden is a proper snow rally, the repair costs are very minimal for the organizers. They basically just need a fresh snow plowing of the stage to fill in the damage and it’s done. The actual roads underneath are untouched. If they used a non-studded winter tire or a soft gravel tire instead, the gravel roads underneath would still get really rutted up and require a lot to repair. At least that’s the primary reason.

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