In The Paddock – Episode 2 Featuring Erick Nelson of the ARA

In this episode Mike Shaw chats with Erick Nelson the Competition Director of the American Rally Association.  Erick tells us about his background, how the inaugural season is going so far, and goes into detail about the recently announced Junior Championship set to start in 2018.


Official ARA Junior Championship Press Release



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4 Thoughts to “In The Paddock – Episode 2 Featuring Erick Nelson of the ARA

  1. Cowbell Rally

    I love the sound clip at the end of your podcast! Sounds like one of the M3 rally cars?

    1. You have a good ear! That clip is of Dave and Rick Hintz’ BMW M3 from the “Nameless Rally” in 2013!

      1. Cowbell Rally

        Had a felling it was the Hintz’s M3. I could listen to that sound clip over and over.

        1. That cackling laugh at the end is unfortunately me. The first run of the stage I stood in the apex of a hairpin while a photog stood way outside and kept getting clouded in dust. For the second run I agreed he could be there and I’d move. So I moved about 50 yards to the beginning of the straight they’d run after the 180 hairpin. I watched as Hintz over cooked the corner and had to correct to which caused the back end of the car to shower the poor guy with dirt and rocks!

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