Rally – Exclusive Interview with John Hoyenga & Chris Duplessis of Nameless Performance Rally Team

The guys at Nameless Performance invited me out to Portland Speed Industries to see their 2.0 version of their GT-86 rally car project.  It was a heck of a beast of a machine the first time around, but as you can see from the photos, they’ve done some dramatic changes.

Nameless GT-86 ver. 2.0
Nameless GT-86 ver. 2.0

I sat down with Nameless Performance co-owner/everything man John Hoyenga and their new official driver Chris Duplessis to chat about all the work they’ve done since the GT-86 debut in 2013.  John gives us some amazing detail of all the changes and what their goals are for this project.


Some of the changes are visible and obvious, others not so much.  Championship driver Chris Duplessis is notably happy with what he’s seen so far, and rightfully so considering the horsepower numbers I saw John Reed tuning the car to at the end of the day.

Chris Duplessis - All Smiles
Chris Duplessis – All Smiles

For many of us rally fans, the Nameless Performance GT-86 is the wonder-car that we all want to see on the stages.  Not unlike the intimidating Group B era of the 1980’s, this modern rear-wheel-drive beast has a similar look and sound, with the potential of being equally spectacular.  I for one can’t wait to see it out on the gravel stages next season, and for those of you lucky enough to be at the Seed 9 Rally in Nevada this coming Saturday November 8th, you’ll be the first to see this new version of the GT-86 in action.



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