F1 – Toyota Offers Kimi

Kimi_Raikkonen_at_67f6Now that the real part of the F1 season has ended, the real part of the offseason can continue. Silly season has already seen Alonso to Ferrari, and Kimi to the curb. Toyota however have mad an offer to the former Ferrari ace as they continue to look for success in the sport. This deal may be the best they have ever offered and may lend them that first victory.

As me and Mike stated a couple weeks ago, Kimi to Toyota would be a potentially great combo for both parties involved. Kimi has made it clear that he only wants to race for a team that will give him the chance to win. Toyota have the largest budget in the sport and are currently looking for a driver capable of winning. At this point, I cannot see either Jarno or Timo bringing the Japanese outfit their first win or really any success outside of a podium here and there. Kimi is fast and would offer Toyota that last thing they are missing in my mind. The question however is for how much? There have been no specific amounts given, but it is thought that Kimi’s folks are asking for a bit more than what was presented. Either way, I want to see this combo more than any of the other ones that have been mentioned. I really want to see if Kimi is the missing ingredient in that formula. If money is a factor, than Toyota just need to pony up some cash. The team cannot expect to perform well without a big name driver and no disrespect to the current lineup, but it is not going to happen with both of them there.

Toyota have also reportedly made an offer to retain the services of Jarno Trulli over that of Timo Glock. Some would question this move and to be honest I don’t blame them. Timo has performed well and looks to be a better future player, but Toyota has always made questionable decisions, hint why they are looking at Kimi and have zero wins in how many races? We will have to wait and see as it appears Kimi is the last “great” move of the offseason before everything falls into place.

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  1. I would agree that it is better to keep Jarno over Glock. Who knows what will happen with the testing regs over the offseason, but I would think it advisable to keep an experienced guy on the team who can help develop the car….. Glock may have more upside long term, but it looks like Toyata is hoping that Kimi will be their rabbit next year.

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