2014 Mt. Hood Rally – Latest Updates

This page will be updated throughout the event with updated text of driver quotes, stage times, and if possible audio clips from the drivers as well.  Unfortunately initial tests by Mike and Paula Gibeault of rallydata.com showed an extremely weak data signal, so times and quotes will likely be slow in coming.

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14:20 SS3 Completed and cars starting SS4 after another re-seed. Most have been steadily improving their times now that the road has been swept clean, although #271 Matt Tabor was a few secs slower due to what he said was post lunch food coma.

Very close battle between Matthew Binczewski and Carl Decker for 3rd overall and are separated by a mere 4 seconds. Binczewski is driving an old Subaru Legacy with a flat 6 vs the more modern open class STI driven by Decker.

Another close battle in Open Light with the daughter/mother team of Kristen & Janice Tabor trailing Kevin Kardos by only 20 seconds with 3 stages remaining.

Finally in Group2 2wd, Dustin Embry in the Purple Panda ’88 Carolla appears to be having a good battle with Jared Brendt in his CRX. Embry leads by 18 seconds

13:33 SS3 Has started. Below are updated times from finish of SS2. Note the time improvements across the board as coffee likely sunk in.

12:02 All cars completed SS1. Carl Decker #693 said that he’s just trying to keep it together and have fun. Has memories of a few corners he went off in the past.
#541 Dave Henderson is driving a bit more aggressive this morning and has the foilage on his grill to prove it. He’s already pulled 32 seconds from Decker & #56 Jeff Seehorn is in a very respectable 2nd spot, especially with this being his rookie year in a rally car. Photo of unofficial stage times below.


11:11 Stage is beautiful! Mostly fast and flowing. Extremely poor mobile data reception, but will post updates when I can. Zero car on course, first car of Carl Decker soon to follow.
7:17 I just arrived in Hood River. Conditions are drier than Portland, but still very wet. Guessing first run will be most slippery. Will get a chance to drive the stage and report conditions in more detail (data signal permitting) before the first stage is run. Mike Shaw


21:37 Slow Data Connection
While the teams were doing recce today Paula was out checking cell phone data connections and the news is not good. The best coverage she could find was very slow and would be a struggle just to do scores much less live text. For tomorrow she will try a bigger antenna (we all know bigger is better right) with the hope of getting a faster connection. So we will have to wait and see what tomorrow holds, but it is very possible that both scores and live text will be slow getting uploaded due to the internet connection. Mike G.

21:31 Decker heads the field
The start order has been set for the first stage with Carl Decker and Josh Jacquot starting first on the road. Carl almost won this event in 2010, but a minute worth of road penalties pushed him down to 2nd only 4 seconds out of first. In 2011 Carl came back and won the event by 2 seconds after again taking a minute of road penalties. Carl’s co-driver Josh Jacquot hasn’t been in a rally car for a while so he may have a steep learning curve with the notes. No pressure Josh. Mike G.

21:24 16 Teams for Road 17
A total of sixteen teams are ready to start the Mt Hood Rally tomorrow morning. This year’s event will be using the popular Road 17 as a turn around stage. The out and back will be run three times for a total of 6 stages. The first stage is due to start at 11:18 AM. Mike G.




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