Episode 247 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

It’s a marathon session of mayhem, martinis, and motorsports musings with a hint of squirrel as Mr. Whitesell and Dr. Patterson announce their plans to hang up the mic entrusting the future to the far more reliable, sober, and knowledgable hands of Mike Shaw and John Olsakovsky. We hope you have as much fun listening as we think we recalled having recording it. …there’s a rumor that Doug may or may not have passed out at the keyboard. Enjoy!


  • UMMMM – Monza isn’t Monza anymore, Haas F1 Team, No more V8 SuperCars at CotA, Subaru in WEC prototypes?
  • IndyCar – One Penske driver throws the title away while TK wins, 2015 schedule
  • Rally – Is this the end of rally america tv coverage?

Goodbye from Mr. Whitesell and Dr. Patterson UMMMM

  • F1 – Monza preview Box score for Indy? oh.. oops
  • Paved runoff at Parabolica – BOOOOOO!
  • F1 – Is Alonso going to leave Ferrari? – Not if you ask him!
  • F1 – Ferrari looking at Haas as a possible satellite team
  • HAAS F1 Team launches branding, website http://www.haasf1team.com/
  • F1 – Jersey sleeps with the fishes (deader than it already was?)
  • F1 – Max Verstappen already in the wall
  • F1 – Renault says RBR is works team, wants end to engine freeze
  • F1 – Mattiacci wants Brawn, but “to tango, you have to have two”
  • V8 – COTA and V8 Supercars mutually terminate contract
  • WEC – Subaru interested in prototypes?
  • NASCAR – Squirrel gets more press than Atlanta night race.
  • SCCA Solo Nationals
  • BRZ/FRS is THE car to have in STX!
  • Multi-time National Champion Craig Wilcox is in 12th in his MINI!!
  • Jeremy in 4th in STF


  • Fontana Finale
    • Quals
      • Aleshin’s wreck in practice
      • Dr. Terry Trammel
    • Race Review
      • Pit lane speeding keep Hinch and Carpenter out of victory lane
      • Pagenaud has awful race, falls to 5th in championship
      • Power starts from the rear and marches forward steadily all race.
      • Another blazing fast 500 miler (196.111 mph avg)
      • results – standings
  • Power wins championship, will bear #1
  • Munoz wins ROY
  • Cavin says Pagenaud heading to Andretti, not confirmed, but signs point to yes
  • UFD confirms they will be back for “many more years”, but Hinch not confirmed yet.
  • Beekus in race control
  • MAVTV up for 2 more years at Fontana, date change
  • New Orleans April 12th
  • Houston out, TMS remains on traditional date
  • Conor Daly seeking VICS ride for 2015


  • WRC – Bouffier to get another chance with Hyundai
  • WRC – Citroen boss says Kris Meeke seat not in jeopardy
  • WRC – First World Rally Champion dies at age 70
  • CRC – They have the first 2015 Subaru in Rally Spec
  • New team driver Martin Rowe
  • Rally America – TV crew was strangely non-existent at Ojibwe
  • This last weekend the supposed airing date of NEFR was actually a replay of 100 Acre Wood coverage. Have Rally America and NBC Sports had a falling out already? Sure the production quality wasn’t the best (especially the commentating), but I don’t see that as a reason to pull the plug already. Heck, why even show the replay from 100 Acre Wood at all? Oh wait…because it has both Ken Block and Pastrana, that’s probably why.

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