Episode 246 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

OpenPaddock.net Podcast Episode #246 for Tuesday August 26th, 2014


  • UMMM – F1 how it should be… at Spa…
  • IndyCar – Dixon wins at Sonoma while Willy P tries to give it away again, Carpenter Fisher Hartman signing, and potential signing, more on 2015 schedule
  • MRTI – All the championships wrapped up at Sonoma
  • Rally – Hyundai wins in WRC and GRC, but Subaru wins in Rally America

Ummmmm-Unintelligible ‘malgamum of mixed motorsports musings

  • F1 – Spa
    • Quals
    • Race Review
    • Nico vs Hamilton
    • Ricciardo capitalizes again
    • The curious case of the Marussia seat – Chilton/Rossi
    • Lotterer replaces Kamui at Caterham, and does poorly
    • results – standings
  • F1 – After paying off the mob/german justice system, BeyernLB wants to squeeze more money from Bernie
  • Bernie’s lawyers said he settled case “for the good of F1”…. Ha!
  • Vettel tries full Sochi F1 layout
  • NASCAR – Stewart yet to race since incident


  • Sonoma Review
    • Quals
    • Race Review – Dixon is magic
    • So, how did Hornish do in the booth?
    • I heard someone say that PT was good in the booth but looked like a linebacker for the Bears.
    • How did our championship contenders do?
    • Willy P – spun on cold tires, finished 9th
    • Helio – Finished 18th after being involve in 2 separate incidents
    • Pagenaud – Finished 3rd
    • RHR – Finished 2nd
    • results – standings
  • CFH mergification – Newgarden confirmed for 2015
  • Hildebrand in talks for seat
  • More 2015 schedule talk
    • No Houston in ‘15: Search for a better date and a better autocross
    • NOLA looks strong
    • Boston street race? (2016?)
    • It sucks not knowing next year’s schedule before the current schedule wraps.


  • Chaves wins Lights title on second tiebreaker
  • Pigot takes Pro Mazda title
  • Latorre takes USF2000 title


  • WRC – Neuville wins for Hyundai in Germany
  • results – standings
  • TMG says multiple GT86 kits already sold. “good interest at the weekend and some sales. You’ll be seeing a few of them on stages next year”
  • GRC – Rhys Millen wins for Hyundai at Daytona
  • Rally America – Higgins wins for Subaru at Ojibwe
  • results – standings
  • Brakim wants to run a new car – Lambo superleggera?
  • Canadian Rally Champion Patrick Richard announces early retirement from competitive rally racing.
  • Check out Scott Rains’ photos from Ojibwe at http://rally-america.com/events/2014/OFPR/photos

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