From the Pocono Pulpit: Spare me the praise of Kurt

So this view is mine, and only mine. It is not on behalf of all of Open Paddock. With that being said, let me unload.



A few months ago, some IndyCar fans got rather upset on some of my views. I was called a, “jerk” among other things. Lots of snide remarks were made about me on backchannels to others from the world of IndyCar. I guess they never thought I would hear that.


Kurt being Kurt.

I now can’t help but laugh. When some of these very same people are praising the arrival of the self-proclaimed “Outlaw”–Kurt Busch. Even going as far as to tell fans to “welcome” him. Really? So I am a jerk, but a guy who picks on female reporters is awesome? Perhaps I missed something here.


The “Outlaw”, who would be better nicknamed “The Bully”, is nothing to dance over. He is nothing more than a poor man’s version of Mario Moraes. With a worst spoiled attitude, and less experience in an open wheel car. He is nothing more than a ride buyer. Milka Duno with a bad attitude. There is NOTHING to be excited over, unless he is the victim of Bump Day (Sadly an unlikely event there will be enough cars to bump anyone).


Kurt Busch, is not even the most talent driver from NASCAR. Heck, he is not even the most talented driver in his family. So why the excitement for this? None of this is paid for promotions? I mean, all bloggers are honest people–right? None of the bloggers secretly get paid by sponsors, tracks, and even outlets to advertise to you–right?


So, next time a blogger tells you how great it is that Kurt Busch is coming to Indy, ask them–are you kidding me?


This guy, (Kurt Busch) has ZERO, ZERO, respect for anyone. Yet he wants the entire universe to get down on their knees and bow to him like an Emperor. His driving style borders on rage-a-holic/sociopath. I doubt his bumper-cars style will work well in an IndyCar. I also doubt he will have any class. He never had any, and he never will.


The driver everyone SHOULD be excited to see is from north of the boarder. One who has great experience. And one, who’s name means something at IMS. There are plenty of classy and talented drivers who deserve more attention, than Kurt Busch this May. He will be lucky to finish between 20th and 14th. I understand why Andretti gave him a ride–he rented it. I’m just disappointed that I have to point out a fellow jerk. And I’m far nicer than Kurt!!!


Included below are two video clips for IndyCar fans to see why they should practice their booing skills this month of May. THAT is the welcome Indy fans should give “The Outlaw” all month long.


[youtube_sc url=” ” title=”Kurt%20threatens%20reporter”]


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”The%20Bully%20strikes%20again”]
(Sorry this does not start from the 43 second mark as the link is for).


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4 Thoughts to “From the Pocono Pulpit: Spare me the praise of Kurt

  1. honestly, I don’t think most fans will be cheering for Kurt Busch. I think they’ll be cheering for the (perceived or real) fact that IndyCar is big enough that people *want* to come over from other series and try it, as happened much more often in the past. Kurt is one of my least favorite people on earth, but I’m still happy to see him in the race.
    Also, I think people underestimate his talent: he does have a title, after all.

  2. Many would put an asterisk by that title. Being it was the first under the “Chase”. When drivers came from F1 or went to it from IndyCar–that is what really needs to come back more. We have some of it with Simona and Juan Pablo (although he had a NASCAR detour before the return).

  3. Honestly Doug, I don’t care for The Angry Jerk either. This “outlaw” thing came about after his brother got nicknamed “Rowdy.” What we have here is an older brother who cannot stand that his little brother is better than him, and is reminded of that all the time.

    Wait, no… he acted like this before his little brother got in NASCAR. He’s just a jerk, looking for an excuse to keep on being a jerk. So it’s because he’s “passionate” or whatever the excuse of the day is. It’ll always be an excuse. Angry jerks always find excuses, and people keep letting them make excuses. Angry jerks don’t realize they are alienating people and not winning any respect. He’ll find IndyCar fans tire of the Angry Jerk route quicker than the NASCAR fan, and he’ll probably find himself in middle of an even worse wreck since he’s in an open wheel car and there’s so little room for error. (And no room for a hot head trying to push his way where there is no way.) Fenders are the Angry Jerk’s best friend in racing.

    I do agree with Anthony that it’s good to see someone make the switch from fenders to open wheel, as it seems to be more unusual. But we’ve also got Juan (formerly Pablo) Montoya doing that, and Dario made the switch back and forth before he stepped away from the car.

    I grew up a NASCAR fan, and I saw people who loved Earnhart because he was “The Intimdator” – all I saw was a jerk who shoved other cars around the track. Even Kurt’s “Outlaw” is a pale imitation of something already done before…

  4. Dude, sorry. Spike, not Doug. I think I saw this on Doug’s Google + and assumed he’d written it. My bad.

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