Episode 225 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Shaun, his co-host Mike, and his other co-host Mike (yeah, that joke never gets old) lead you through our first big open-wheel weekend with IndyCar and the Mazda Road to Indy in St. Petersburg, and Formula 1 in Malaysia. Mr. Shaw reviews the news in rally and previews WRC’s Rally Portugal and looks with excitement to his time this week down in LA with the GRC.

OpenPaddock.net Podcast: Episode 225 – Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


  • Talk that Formula E could replace F1 in Jersey
  • Picket Muscle Milk to skip Laguna Seca and Long Beach
  • World Challenge kicks off at St. Petersburg



  • St. Pete Review
  • Heurtas confirmed in 2nd Coyne car
    • Quali
    • Power opens up the season with a win
    • No double file restart
    • Miscommunication and Goodyear style antics leaves Conway with bad finish
    • How about that re-start… is Will a wanker?
    • Results
  • Ganassi considering Karam for Indy
  • IndyCar may return to Brazil in 2015
  • Tino Belli named as IndyCar director of aero development
  • NBC sports names PT to on-air team
  • Next up – Long Beach in 2 weeks


  • Veach wins indy lights after quali is rained out


  • Craig Breen brings home first win in ERC, and first win for new Peugeot 208T16 R5
  • Ogier takes Faffe Rally Sprint
  • WRC Rules changes for Power Stages
  • WRC Portugal Preview
  • Recce re-scheduled due to flooding, teams looking at outfitting cars with outboard boat motors
  • Sainz leaves VW to join new Peugeot Dakar Team
  • Desert Storm Rally this weekend in Blythe, CA
  • Rally America debuts on NBC Sports this weekend with Sno*Drift (Set your DVR!)
  • Slight schedule change for last 3 events
  • Shaw takes OP on the road to Red Bull Global Rallycross in LA

Formula 1

  • Malaysia Review
    • Quali
    • Where did this Red Bull pace come from?
    • Hamilton leaves rest of field in the dust for Merc 1-2
    • Vettel squeeze play on the start?
    • Sucks to be Mark Webber… errr…. Daniel Ricciardo
    • Felipe, Valteri is faster than you… do you understand
    • Penalties galore after the race
    • Results – Standings
  • More on the tempest in a teakettle
  • Walker threatens to go to IndyCar and get all the promoters to sue
  • Bernie says the engines sound better in person
  • Button tells complainers to “go race elsewhere” (looking at you Seb)
  • Next up – Bahrain this weekend

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