F1 – Force India to Launch 1st of February 2013

Force India has announced they will launch their 2013 challenger on the 1st of February. The Indian team is the first to make such an announcement. Paul di Resta is thought to be the primary driver for 2013. However, the team has not officially confirmed its lineup with one seat still available. It is thought that Pedro de la Rosa is in the mix as well as newly cleared to drive Adrian Sutil.

Regardless, I look forward to the launch of the 2013 cars. It will be very interesting to see what happens with the step noses that resulted from the 2012 regulations. It is understood the step nose will not be on the 2013 machines, so I am eager to see what the 2013 formula will yield. I will admit they kind of grew on me, but I preferred Red Bull’s answer with the vanity plate.

Source: Adam Cooper, Speedtv.com
Source: Adam Cooper, Speedtv.com

This is also the last year before the 2014 radical regulations change is implemented. This is going to have a role to play with some of the smaller teams who will not be able to perform ongoing car development as well as new car generation. It may also hamper some of the top teams that have not done as well at competing in the development race either. Lotus Renault and Mercedes come to mind in that category.

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