Episode 154 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and the rest of the paddock trio as they discuss the race at Baltimore. We also talk about our favorite F1 race of the year from Spa! Sit back and enjoy the show and don’t forget, you can catch us live on ETV Live every Tuesday night starting a 930pm central!

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3 Thoughts to “Episode 154 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. A few things:

    1. Doesn’t Tristan only lead Esteban by like 11 points? If so, if Esteban wins at Fontana (quite possible, given that he won the Freedom 100) Tristan HAS to finish 2nd to win the championship, even if Tristan scores all the bonus points. That’s no layup. That should be really interesting.

    2. I’m sure somebody has mentioned this to you guys on Twitter by now, but I’m not sure how Sebring is too close to Daytona to run both in the new combined sports car series. 6 weeks should be enough time to turn a car around and run again. After all, until the sports car split, teams ran both of those races in that exact same time frame for some 30-35 years.

    3. As ever, I’m coming to Lewis’s defense. No, I do not think that it was very smart of him to Tweet telemetry. That was dumb. However, I’m not sure what info could have been in the data traces that could make such a thing a fireable offense. There aren’t blueprints of the car in that data, nor is there much in the way of setup info (i.e. damper and spring settings, ride height, etc., and even so, those things are only loosely transferranle to a different team with a 100% different chassis) outside of what gear ratios and wing angles could be inferred by shift points and slopes of velocity curves. If another team had wanted that info before this, they could probably have figured those things out by in depth analysis of on board footage. So, while quite stupid, I don’t think that this is nearly as big a deal as a lot of people are making it out to be.

    Otherwise, good show, fellas.

  2. Andy, you make a good point about Tristan’s challenge at Fontana, and in my Indy Lights article that I’d posted later in the week, I address exact the point you raise. Check out http://openpaddock.net/2012/09/07/indy-lights-won-and-lost-in-the-blink-of-an-eye/. Scroll down to “Championship Standings” for my thoughts on why Esteban might be considered the favourite. I’ll be arguing that point of view on the podcast this Tuesday.

    1. Ah, OK. Sorry to be a bother on that point. That’s what you get when a crazy couple of weeks results in an escalating Google Reader number…


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