IndyCar – Milka Signs On Full-Time at Dale Coyne Racing

As we mentioned in this week’s podcast, Milka Duno will be driving for Dale Coyne Racing. The surprise, at least to me, is that she’s slated for a full-season effort. Although Milka has been in the series for three years now, she has never been a full-time driver. This could be a real boon for Milka. Not to make excuses, but it is difficult to find consistency when you’re not consistently on the track. Here’s Milka’s thoughts from the Dale Coyne Racing’s official press release,

“I look forward to competing with Dale Coyne Racing. I’ve had the chance to speak with Dale and the team to discuss goals for the season and we are in harmony in all areas,” said Duno. “For the past three seasons I’ve only run partial schedules and I’m anxious to be competing in all the races this year. Doing so builds momentum and maintains consistency that I feel is a key factor to good results. The full schedule includes seven races at tracks that I have yet to compete on so I will be doing my absolute best to learn these new tracks as quickly as possible. This full season will be challenging – but I’m very thankful for the opportunity!”

Milka will be running the #18 car, presumably with the Citgo sponsorship. An announcement about the driver for the #19 car will be made sometime next week. Let’s hope that its JR Hildebrand! Not to be too much of a flag-waver, but if the #19 is to be sponsored/supported by the Boy Scouts of America, then it should have an American guy driving it! Thankfully, we dodged a bullet with Milka. How weird would it have been seeing her in the BSA car?

In the end, this is good news all around. Gripe and moan about Milka being in the series and how much of a rolling chicane she is, but this helps keep one of our teams on the grid. It helps the car count, and it will help Dale Coyne field a second car.

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4 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Milka Signs On Full-Time at Dale Coyne Racing

  1. Ahhh Milka…. She makes IndyCar look like ALMS. Everyone else is in prototypes and she’s tooling around in GT2.

    But Sarah may make things interesting at St. Pete. She was 6 seconds off the pace at Barber testing…. The lights cars were lapping faster than her. I love Sarah and wish the best for her, but maybe she should stick to ovals.

  2. I know you are trying to force a response out of me….so hear it goes…

    Leave Milka alone….her driving skills may not be sharp….but she cleans up nice and that is all that matters here. Thats all I have

  3. As Dr. Will mentioned on Twitter today, if the rest of the grid were half as fan-friendly as Milka, this series would be in a much better place today.

  4. Jim

    She may clean up nice but she has a knack for making a mess of the track

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