IndyCar – 18 May Live Blog End of Day

10:00 – Here we are for day six of practice. My second full day at the track. Unfortunately I had some administrative stuff that kept me from writing a final post after happy hour, but we will fix that today. Just a reminder that I will not be at the track tomorrow morning. I will be back for Pole day, but some personal matters need to be addressed tomorrow and it will keep me from the track.

Bourdais has been on track this morning in the TrueCar entry. Katherine Legge was set to participate in ROP, but apparently never made it on track. Another tough month of May for Jay Penske and his operation. His father is a master at Indy, it is hard to believe he is so bad. Will try and get updated on that situation here soon.

12:05 – It is just after noon here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and we should be open for practice. However, the only on track action is that of Katherine Legge. The Dragon Racing folks got the new Chevrolet powerplant in the car and finally got her on track. There were some leak issues early on, but those seem to have subsided as she is putting in consistent laps as she works her way through the program. Even Bourdais was down in the pit area as the team continues to work hard. It has been an inspiring story honestly. The team worked all night to get the cars ready and here they are running. Lotus has done their teams pretty dirty, but Dragon was VERY lucky to get the Chevrolet engine. No news on where this will put them post Indianapolis, but at least they will have a chance to qualify for “the greatest spectacle in racing” with a solid engine

13:02 – Still no other cars on track at the moment. Legge’s car is currently being towed back to the garage. She has made it through phase 1 at the moment. Should be a bit of action this afternoon as other cars start trying to dial in ahead of “Fast Friday”.

15:26 – Get into the home stretch for Thursday. Practice has been going on with minimal interruption thus far. Josef Newgarden is on top of the time sheets right now with a 222.709. Charlie Kimball is second quick followed by Justin Wilson. Very interesting that Andretti Autosport has yet to do any laps today. I wonder if they are waiting until the end of the day in preparation for pole run conditions? It has been very nice conditions today and a lot of people out at the track for sure.

End of Day – So that is the end of day six here at IMS. Scott Dixon roared to the top of the speed charts today with a lap of 223.088. Ganassi now flexing a little bit of muscle. This was a day however that had no Andretti Autosport cars putting up serious times. Hinch and Bia were on track but never set a time that was worth writing home about. They have been very quick this week and should be out in force tomorrow for Fast Friday. Kat Legge is actually on track as we close down here in an effort to wrap up rookie orientation. Given the new Chevrolet lump, I highly doubt there will be much that stops Katherine from joining the party tomorrow. It has been a great day here at IMS and I will be here late tomorrow. There will not be a live blog for Fast Friday as previously mentioned, but we will be here in force for pole day on Saturday.

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