BREAKING – Team Barracuda-Bryan Herta Autosport Out of Brazil

Breaking News from Kevin Neeley

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Team Barracuda-BHA has elected to sit out next weekend’s Round Four of the IZOD Indycar Series due to falling out of the Top 22 in points. After poor showings at both Barber and Long Beach, BHA has decided to focus its efforts (and money) instead on the upcoming Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

The official statement from Team Barracuda-Bryan Herta Autosport…..

“BREAKING: After not finishing the last two races & falling out of the top 22 in points, Team Barracuda-BHA has elected not to send our cars to Brazil next weekend. Instead, we will refocus on the Indy 500 and coming back stronger than ever. Big thanks to our sponsors and fans for their unwavering support… bring on the 500!”

This statement comes on the heels of reports that several Lotus teams have filed lawsuits against Lotus for Breach of Contract. There has also been revelation that at least two Lotus powered teams are interested in changing manufacturers at the expense of losing their Lotus engine deposit for the rest of 2012, plus paying around $1 million extra for the new engine lease. There are no names attached to this deal at the moment, but word is INDYCAR is not interested in letting this swap happen. The Lotus teams have been heard to say they won’t be in business by the end of the season if the Lotus engine continues its current performance.

The bottom line is there’s some serious dissension amongst the Lotus ranks, and there’s bound to be some fallout.

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4 Thoughts to “BREAKING – Team Barracuda-Bryan Herta Autosport Out of Brazil

  1. oregonwings

    I feel a little sorry for Lotus, but I feel the most sorry for the teams running Lotus engines. They were way too late with getting an engine ready, and unfortunately they are way behind the development curve. Nice to have multiple engine manufacturers, but only if they are competitive.

  2. @BrianMcKayUSA

    What I really hate is that the teams that are saddled with sLotus lumps are already underdog, small one- or two-car organizations that, like SFHR, Carpenter, and Coyne teams, would be hard-pressed to contend for race wins or championships even if they didn’t have Judd motors. Now, in addition to paying for their $690,00 Lotus leases, they’re willing and able to pay for another set of 4 or 5 engines?! And HPD or Ilmore is willing and able to build more engines to lease?!

  3. Kevin Neely

    Yeah, the interesting thing was Chevy and Honda were all “Oh, we can’t support any more teams” but now they have no problem doing so.

  4. oregonwings

    I find the sudden surplus of engines quite interesting myself. Even after Chevrolet replaced 12 engines at one event they have plenty to share?

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