Episode 127 – OpenPaddock Podcast

Join the crew this week as they talk about an amazing 100 Acre Wood Rally! They also breeze through IndyCar and poke a little fun at the Daytona 500. As always, thanks for the download and enjoy the show!

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One Thought to “Episode 127 – OpenPaddock Podcast

  1. oregonwings

    100 Acre Wood sounded awesome! I can’t wait for the Oregon Trail Rally to come into town! One thing I’d like you to discuss on next week’s show was the 80MPH average speed on stage limit in Rally America. It in effect capped Ken Block and David Higgins on some of the stages causing them to have identical times. I didn’t realize there was a speed limit before this event. With cars and suspensions becoming more advanced, and 100AW being so quick, should this rule be thrown out? What is the purpose of this rule? Safety? Maybe you guys could research the rule books or talk to Rally America officials and tell us more details of this speed cap on stages.

    Second, on the Daytona 500…I watched it (the only NASCAR event I ever watch in a year), but thankfully using my DVR so I could fast forward through the endless commercials and yellow / red flags. I would say that they probably had so many commercials because of all the yellow flags. Anyway, the point I wanted to make was regarding the accident with Juan Montoya (never liked him…even when he was with IndyCar) and the safety vehicles. I agree with a speed limit near the safety crews, and safety crews needing to wear at least a fire suit. The one thing that surprised me the most was something that Shaun should have caught since he is frequenly around airports (so am I as I’m a private pilot)…..if they have jet engine blow driers, then why don’t they have an airport foam truck on site? This should be mandatory for any event that uses jet engines whether its Indycar, NASCAR, AMLS, etc., etc. Did you notice how the fuel kept re-catching fire? That’s because their CO2 extinguishers didn’t do much, then they followed that up with the worst thing possible…water. I would bet the track would have had zero damage if they had an airport chemical foam truck on site that could have doused the flames. Also note the airport proximity to Daytona Speedway…I’m sure they could have borrowed one of those trucks. Better yet, as you guys stated, NASCAR should have a dedicated safety crew like IndyCar that has all the required equipment and takes them from location to location.

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