Episode 108 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and Mike as they talk about Formula 1 from Suzuka and Vettel’s title. They break down the race that was the always amazing Japanese Grand Prix. The boys also look ahead to the INDYCAR World Championship from Las Vegas and ask the question…will this be a real race? How will race control influence all of the events that will be going on? Is race control positioned for world domination? Where they the ones who secretly plotte dthe assasination of the Saudi ambassador? Listen and find out! Thanks as always for the download and enjoy the show!

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6 Thoughts to “Episode 108 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. Fine. You win. Lewis Hamilton is terrible, the epitome of the phrase “talentless hack”. He’ll probably never win another race, unless he wrecks all 23 other cars in order to do it, demo derby-style.

  2. Ummmm… no, that is not what we said. The guy is fast and he is a joy to watch this year. But part of the reason that he has been the guy to watch on the track is that he has had a rash of poor decisions and technical problems that have cost him several spots on the grid, thus giving him ample opportunity to pass slower cars that he should have been ahead of on track anyway. Then he has used these ample opportunities to throw his team, race officials and other drivers under the bus instead of developing a talent for introspection.

    Yeah, I don’t care for the guy all that much…. Who cares what I think though. The guy is quick, he bested Alonso in his rookie year and continues to show remarkable pace. But Jenson’s smoother, more strategic driving style seems to be meriting more points currently. And with the tech regs not changing all that much for next year (except for the blown aero), Lewis would do well to hone his racecraft with respect to the current rules on tires and fuel.

  3. Jeremy

    So you dont think the Vettel – Button start was eerily similar to the 1990 Prost – Senna? It could have been much much worse. Vettel didnt deserve a penalty when he is in lead and has the racing line. This isn’t indycar you know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foiswIS44AM

    and yes I still am a Hamilton fan, regardless of his poor showings as of late.

  4. Actually it is really funny you mention that. I was watching the race with Doug Sunday morning and actually looked over and said that the start reminded me of Prost/Senna. I further went on to say I was surprised JB didn’t hit him. Sarcasm of course. We know better of Jenson.

  5. The Vettel/Button incident also reminded me of the MSC/BAR incident from last year, and F1 brought the hammer down on Michael. Squeezing someone is one thing, running them off the track is quite another. Given how the stewards have called races this year, swallowing the whistle on this incident was consistent with prior rulings. It is decidedly inconsistent with how transgressions like this in past seasons were treated. I’m all for aggressive driving, and giving the leading car the right to choose whichever line he wishes, but blatantly running a competitor off the track is unacceptable.

  6. Jeremy

    Shaun, we all know Button would not have hit him because Button knows that would have ruined his tires.

    Doug while I agree as a racing courtesy sufficient room should be given to remain on the track especially in these types of situations, I can not fault in the driver in front continuing on their line provided the trailing car is not in a position to own the corner. Now if direction has been changed or it was clearly malicious certainly a penalty of some sort would have been warranted. Unfortunately most of the replays of the start have been taken down from the web so I can’t watch it again to see how malicious or where JB was when Vettel started to limit his track space. Regardless it is good to see at least some form of consistency from the racing stewards. *cough* indycar *cough*

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