Episode 107 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and Mike as they recap the events from WRC France and the IndyCars from Kentucky. We talk a bit about the 2012 schedule or lack there of and look ahead to the season finale in Las vegas. As always, thank you for the download and enjoy the show!

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One Thought to “Episode 107 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. Hey, thanks for addressing my comment on the podcast this week. Just to let you guys know where I’m coming from, I’m not one of those Lewis fanboys who thinks that he can do no wrong, and I simply don’t spend enough time on Twitter to understand how much of a nitwit he comes off as there. I’m just a guy who’s admired his driving since his GP2 days (or maybe before, since I followed his results in F3, even though I couldn’t see any footage of it), and feel like he’s one of the only guys out there who’s constantly searching the limits of what his equipment is capable of. A good portion of the time, it turns out to be a spectacular overtaking maneuver or a completely b@ll$-out qualifying lap. Occasionally, it results in contact, if the guy he’s attempting his move on also forces the issue or does something out of line (I’m thinking of the Maldonado at Monaco accident, since I’ve seen a frame-by-frame comparison of the move Lewis pulled off against Schuey and the one that resulted in the wreck and penalty with Maldonado; there is no question that Pastor turned in on Lewis a few carlengths early, which really left Lewis with nowhere to go). For whatever reason, Lewis has been trying more of that borderline stuff this year, in my opinion because it’s the only thing that may bridge the 5% deficit that the McLaren has to the Red Bull. Jenson is more of a “maximize and collect” driver, which has led to him keeping the car on the road and scoring more points this year, but if there’s ever a year where the McLaren is the best car on the grid, I think it’ll be Lewis who has the Vettel-esque season, not Jenson. For my money, I like the “once in a generation” type talents. Lewis, Vettel and Alonso (although the latter has proven to be a bit of a pr!#& on occasion, which has kept me from really being a fan of his) are those guys in this group, same as Schumacher was in the previous group (and for the record, I was a Michael superfan from 1991 through about 2001 or so, when the Ferrari team shenanigans started to turn me, and then the Monaco qualifying “park job” finished the task), same as Senna was for the previous group.

    Better show this week, guys. You stayed on task a bit better (pizza talk notwithstanding, though it is your podcast, so you could spiral into talk about horses in pretty meadows or whatever, and I could pound sand because I still got exactly what I paid for, just as I do every other week), and a little less needlessly inflammatory (in my opinion, of course, since I find myself being Mr. Kumbaya here there and everywhere).

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