Episode 99 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and Mike as they revisit the X-Games, Rally Finland, and the Hungarian Grand Prix. We also look ahead to Mid-Ohio and exactly what probation means in INDYCAR. As always, sit back and enjoy the show and thank you for the download!

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3 Thoughts to “Episode 99 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. “Will Power’s in the Verizon sponsored padded room”? Dude, did you guys forget who won the last race, the one that happened all of 12 days ago? Yeah, Dario’s clearly in Will’s head at this point, but that didn’t exactly equate to “Will turns turtle” at Edmonton, did it? Did something else happen in the last week and a half that I don’t know about? Did Dario go over to Will’s house and make a pass at Will’s wife or something? Did he saran wrap Will’s street car? Knock Will’s textbooks out of his hands when they passed each other in the hallway? Steal Will’s clothes and towel while Will was in the shower (ahh, the good old tricks from the dorm)?

  2. The padded room statement really comes down to the fact that even with Will winning in Edmonton, Dario was P3. Ganassi has made no mistakes and Penske is seemingly trying to lose the title for Willy P. Dario is not messing up and it must drive Will crazy that he cannot get seperated from him!

  3. Dario iz in Will’s cockpit messing with hiz steering wheel

    Dario’s chop on Will at the esses on lap 1 was just one more nudge in the insanity direction.

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