IndyCar – Danica Goes Tintoppin’

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An ESPN article posted today stated that Danica was close to a two-year deal with JR Motorsports, Dale Earnhart Jr’s Nationwide team. While I don’t think this is a good move for Danica, especially not committing to a two-year deal, at least she’s with a quality team. …as quality as you can get in a car that still uses a carburetor. The only thing that I own that still uses a carburetor is my lawnmower! hmmm…. Danica to Lawn Mower Racing? That could be highly entertaining. I digress, though. She may make her debut at Daytona next year during Speedweek. Will she do well? Dunno. She’s always complaining about her car having lots of understeer, and stockcars are prone to being very loose, so perhaps her driving style will match up well. Regardless, I think her stock car efforts will interfere and hinder her IndyCar performance. She just put in her best season ever, finishing top amongst her teammates and tops amongst all the other drivers that don’t drive for Ganassi or Penske. This should be the time for her to run with that momentum and push for an even better 2010. Splitting her attentions between IndyCar and Nationwide will do nothing but limit her potential in both. Even Juan Pablo Montoya agrees with me! At any rate, I hope she does well enough and doesn’t get maimed in “The Big One” at ‘Dega or somewhere as her car or someone else’s ends up upside-down, sideways, or whatever. Just ask Dario how much fun it is to get t-boned in one of those cars. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this move. Might it bring some fans to IndyCar? …perhaps, but I think its more of a positive for NASCAR than for IndyCar, and it may likely be a negative for IndyCar in the end.

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6 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Danica Goes Tintoppin’

  1. Brian McKay

    I don’t think that Princess will approach success in wholly unfamiliar cars surrounded by dozens of guys rubbing and banging. Therefore I don’t expect NAPCAR viewers to watch Princess at MindyCar races or on Versus.

  2. Danica has a rough road ahead if she wants to be in nascar, and much to lose if she falls flat on her face. With word that Ryan Hunter Reay may be driving at AGR next year, Danica is going to have a hard time keeping that #2 spot on the team.

    Bluntly though, you are right Brian, this will not help the IRL.

  3. Jim

    The most popular driver in the Indycar series has signed a dela with the most popular driver in NASCAR. This could be either a huge marketing success or an epic failure. either way it will get her in the cars and she will find out why JPM says they andle like dumptrucks

  4. Good one Jim! As we have seen though, popularity can take your career a long way, even if the results don’t back up the hype.

    Maybe Danica and Little E should do a rehash of the Jeff Gordon / JPM thing on speed. We will call it “Trading Paint 2: Mediocrity”.

  5. Eric Brewer

    DP is a racer who’s proved that she has what it takes to run with the bigboys. No doubt that it will bring mucho fans to the Nationwide Series. Love the Trading Paint 2 idea!!! I’d be surprised if that wasn’t in the works. I’ll give Danica your regards and best wishes this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. Yeah, I know, Nascar? WTF? Dudes, what can I say. It’s the only race in town and I’ve got some friends with a motorhome right on the end of pit road in the infield so I get to stay all weekend for free. Well almost, $75.00 for an infield pass, not bad for 3 days of screaming V8’s. Danica is for sure going to be there and I’m on the hunt. Wish me luck!!!

  6. I don’t blame you for going at all, Eric, primarily because of the location you’ll have. I don’t think I could justify to myself spending that kind of money on a nosebleed seat in the stands, but on top of a motorhome at pit exit is quite another thing. It sounds like you’ll have a fun weekend. Be sure to wave to the camera. I’ll try to pick out out. 😉 The screamin’ V8 thing would be cooler if those tanks would actually go fast, though. Top speeds around 185 mph don’t impress me when I see the Indy Lights guys go faster with nearly half as much power.

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