Indy Hump Day Report: Things get rough in Canada,eh?


First I would like to inform everyone, A.J. Foyt’s team will be powered by Honda in 2012. So Ganassi and Foyt are the only 2012 Honda teams confirmed. A.J. says he would like a second car for 2012, but there is no deal at this time.

Foyt also said he will be officially retired when they “…lower my casket into the grave.” Not sure what A.J. will still have to do for the first few days after the Coroner declares him deceased. But, we know A.J., he may have one last slap to lay on Arie Luyendyk, or one last PC to smash. I guess we would just have to say, “that’s A.J.!”

Oh and according to the living legend, it is the IRL we follow still. If they enforced the allged fine for calling it “IRL”, Mr. Foyt would already owe more than he earns from the teleconference alone.

In all seriousness, we don’t get to hear from A.J. enough. He would make for better TV after an accident, he wouldn’t call everyone names, he would DO SOMETHING about it.


Moving on to Fantasy Racing at INDYCAR Nation.


“Rubbing son, is racing!” –Harry Hogge (played by Robert Duvall) Days of Thunder (1990)

The last round of the IZOD INDYCAR Series crossed the boarder from the United States to Canada. Somehow on the streets of Toronto they started an INDYCAR race, only to have a Simpson & Bruckheimer film break out. Perhaps that was only a flashback of 21 years induced by the voice of Bob Jenkins mixed with excessive rubbing of tires and paint.

Clearly it was a total roll of the dice in a winning team for fantasy. It was impossible to not have cars that would be involved in spins and damage. Luckily a few of us ended up with the ones that were still running at the end. Who would want to lose points for a day that overloaded with contact?

Sure, Toronto has always had excitement and hard racing incidents. But 2011 was even more over the top than 2010. Toss your DVD copies of Slap Shot & Days of Thunder in a blender, after leaving on a high cycle it becomes the Toronto event.

Is Will Power the goalie from the Chiefs in Slap Shot? I know “wanker” will be a word American fans shall be using for years to come. Already I can hear the calls of one being a “wanker” during races. If this were NASCAR they would already have an animated “wanker” to hurl onto the screen during the cautions. No doubt sponsored by product associated with a “wanker”.

I will now stop wankering around and give my fantasy suggestions for Edmonton.

These are the days to use them:

Road and street courses better suit a few drivers than “roundie, rounds”. The following drivers should be used as quick as possible at Edmonton, and places like Mid-Ohio and Baltimore.

Mike Conway- He is the first winner in 2011 for Andretti Autosport, as was he their best qualifier in St. Pete. The guy has clearly been a great grab for Michael Andretti when they turn both left and right. He has not been too useful for any fantasy picks on ovals. You get to use a driver only six times in 2011, blow through a few with Conway. It will be a wise choice as long as there is no lap 1, turn 1 St. Pete mêlée.

Justin Wilson- Not just because I write this on my beautiful Z-Line desk, but because Justin is one of the best on road and streets. While Justin is not terrible on ovals, you could get a podium with him on streets and roads, something very unlikely at any oval.

Will Power- Even though he did score a win on an oval this season, he is more likely to rack up points on streets and roads. Most important, he is most likely to take pole on streets and roads. Want an easy 100 points? You better have the Will Power to make it so. (Yes, I know that was highly predictable).


Good drivers to use just this week:

James Hinchcliffe- He really wanted to win Toronto, only a few run in moments with fellow Ontario native Paul Tracy and a few others ruined those plans for an epic home debut. I suspect he will be just as hungry in Edmonton, with plenty of more room to move away from trouble. This new layout is wide, long, and fast. Could really play into Hinch’s hands.

Takuma Sato- Sato is showing his ability to learn and improve in 2011. His run in the wet of Brazil and a surprise pole in Iowa clearly show his ability to learn fast. Now the series is on a new layout, although it has some parts of the old layout too. It will be new to everyone, Sato in particular may be well suited to the long passing zones, and its first turn. He had a 5th at St. Pete, whose turn 1 ate up the field. Edmonton’s new turn 1 might be St. Pete on steroids.


The Lighter Side of fantasy:

With a twin event for the Firestone Indy Lights, a wise pick could pay off handsomely in bonus points. One driver who will be a wise pick is Peter Dempsey. Again the native Irish driver is with Andretti Autosport in the 26. He had an impressive run for Andretti in Toronto. Having almost lost a shot at climbing to the big series, he is back, and only more determined to make a name for himself. I have no doubt he will win one of the two FIL races.



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