Rally – MINI Continues 2012 Preperations

This weekend marks the running of the Acropolis Rally in Greece. Typically recognized as one of the hardest rallies on both car and crew around. The MINI works team will not be competing in the event this year, but that has not stopped the team from travelling to Greece.

The John Cooper works drivers took part in the typical rally recce today along with their 2012 championship competitors. While the team is not going to run their machines during the event, they did take down pace notes for next season’s event. Very good preparation that we come to know with anyone related to the Prodrive operation. Given the relentless conditions of the rally, it would be best when running for a championship to have notes ahead of time. Next year the team will only have to refine the notes as they participate in recce with their championship contenders.

In a separate preparation move, Volkswagen is also beginning 2013 preparations in Finland when the WRC travels there for the legendary event. They have picked up three Skoda Fabia S2000 models to run prospective drivers in as they look to begin driver searching. A number of names have been already tossed in the ring, but the truth is they still have over 20 months before they have to compete. The Fabias will also be used to gather technical data as the team works to develop the Polo R that should be ready for testing by year’s end.

Regardless of your team affiliation, you have to admit that both 2012 and 2013 are going to be awesome years for the WRC. While we are not back in the golden era and we don’t have group B cars, the amount of anticipation will far exceed this years’s and that is saying something indeed!

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