Episode 93 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and Mike this week as they talk all things Texas duels. WE talk with our good friend Tyler from IndyCar Garage and ask him for his race experience. We also look ahead to Milwaukee and the picks get a little crazy. We also do a little recap of the Le Mans 24 hour race. We also look to bounce back from last week’s screw up and actual report correct on Formula 1 and discuss Lewis Hamilton’s tactics. As always, thank you for the download and sit back…enjoy!

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2 Thoughts to “Episode 93 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. I do have to say, guys, I’m not usually one to defend Chip Ganassi team tactics, and I do think that Dixon was probably not trying his hardest to use his “halfway to the second groove” line at Texas in order to pass Dario in Race 1, but I don’t really think he was doing that just to block Power. After all, we had seen a “Professor B” piece earlier in the evening that showed that following directly behind a car results in a 30% reduction of overall downforce, but running a line 2 feet higher up the track would gain you back something like 15-20% of that lost downforce, while still benefitting somewhat from the draft off the leading car. Lots of guys have used that line in the past in situations when they weren’t really trying their best to pass, and so I just think that we got the whiff of impropriety on Saturday from the fact that it was two teammates doing that formation up front, followed by their bitterest (and probably faster) rival. Unfortunate, I guess, but I don’t think anything overtly sinister was at play. I’m not all that wound up about it, anyway.

  2. Good point. Perhaps we are being a bit too harsh as that would be a good reason. I guess the past instances overshadow the one time it was maybe not intentional. I did not here the second lane idea previously. It does make sense but I guess I just instantly snapped back to last year at Homestead.

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